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Every area of the global economy operates within the immediate purview of anthropological science, which as a field of study concerns the analysis of humans and their activity in relation to a social system, natural resources, political institutions, culture and conventions that are critical to daily life.

My consultancy aids decision-makers by translating complex problems into simpler concepts that can be applied in management and governance throughout the public and private sectors. Clients range from individuals and businesses to organisations and governments; which is essentially anyone looking to enhance results with the use of a specialist.

Listed below are the main areas of consultancy which I take on as fixed-term contracts or retained as advisor.

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- Political Strategy

- Public Relations & Marketing

- Culture & Organisational Behaviour

- Product & Service Development

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Tomorrow is full of new problems we prefer not to think about. Critical infrastructure and key organisations are already adapting for the future based on worse-case scenarios where economic prospects are bleak. Due diligence exercises help mitigate risk in areas of business that have sensitive dependencies or over-exposure to changing conditions.



1-to-1 services are available for all persons seeking peer mentorship or training to advance their knowledge and practical skills in academic, business, personal or sporting areas. Each year I take on a handful of clients who are aspiring intellectuals, industry leaders and successful athletes.

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