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"The Dynamics of Humankind"

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My life's work...


The Dynamics of Humankind explores a new understanding of our world through a biological view of civilisation, instead of the traditional economic view which is scientifically inadequate to describe the nature of what drives our way of life and its many complications. The author proposes a new field of study called Econology which seeks to bridge the disconnect between economics and ecology; offering new answers to our biggest questions and beyond.

Middleton’s work diligently navigates the minefield of complexities to life as we know it, exposing far deeper problems underpinning the Anthropocene epoch and driving the extinction of what we like to believe the most intelligent animal on Earth. A specific emphasis is placed on civilisation being an evolutionary anomaly and artificial habitat of convenience, which is incompatible with the natural world and ultimately counterproductive to the survival of the human species.

The book is disruptive of modern thinking and challenges publicly accepted wisdom in a way that invalidates the comfortable preconceptions we hold about civilised humans as advanced or refined, which undermines the very beliefs and constructs influencing our daily lives. An unattractive picture of the future is offered as a realistic alternative to more popular scenarios which rely on false assumptions and favourable narratives.

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