Fellow at the Royal Anthropological Institute and Burlington House, London

Associate of the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford

Director of The Centre for Scientific Standards

I am a consultant academic on social, political and economic behaviours in complex human cultures. As an extension to the fields of biology and anthropology, I created a new subfield called econology which is the biological view of civilisation rather than the traditional economic view. My work in this area concentrates on the synthetic ecosystems underpinning human civilisation; placing a special focus on fundamental incompatibilities between artificial human establishments and the natural world, causing the onset Anthropocene epoch.


I primarily consult on the effects and outcomes of new or existing ideas, themes, systems, processes, policies and regulations through applied concepts in my field of econology. This approach is useful for understanding emergent social complexities and how human behaviours shall develop and vary over time in relation to the specific variables are in question.


My consultancy work aids decision-makers by translating complex problems into simple concepts useful for various professional applications in management, governance or education throughout public and private sectors. My clients range from individuals and businesses to large organisations and governments; which is essentially anyone looking to utilise advanced behavioural science for a chosen goal.


Send me a message for any new business, academic or media enquiries. I aim to respond within 7 days and try to consider all requests, but sometimes this is not always possible.

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