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"I deal with complicated problems involving humans. Be it organisations, governments, economies, or just individuals: wherever humans are involved, it requires an anthropologist...


My special area of expertise is the interplay between economic complexity and social adaptation in the civilisational environment, which means I have a technical understanding of how the modern human world functions on a more technical and scientific level."

I am the man behind the controversial 'anti-civilisation argument' (contra economia) which explains specifically why civilisation is fundamentally incompatible with the laws of nature and maladapted to life on Earth. My work in anthropology takes a strictly biological view of the artificial economic environments which humans have created as alternative ecologies to the natural world, and why they are ultimately doomed to fail. 

Through new theory, I demonstrate that human civilisation is actually inconsistent with Darwinian evolution and that our post-hunter-gatherer economic systems and domestication function in direct violation of biological imperatives. My field of study proposes that there are 'three fundamental problems of economy' which unintendedly function as a social trap, and since the Neolithic period until today has led humankind into a tailspin trajectory that inevitably leads to a novel self-extinction event.


In light of these stark revelations, our existing interpretation of reality and progressive economic worldview are fatally flawed, which henceforth demands a complete rethink of our existing philosophies and how we perceive human life on Earth. As a solution to this problem, I have begun laying the foundations for a new field of biological anthropology called ‘econology’, which bridges the disconnected gap between the two fields of 'economics' and 'ecology' which have forever remained in academic isolation despite their overlap and similarity as inextricably related scientific subjects.


The crux of my research area expounds an alternative view of civilisational complexity that undermines a central premise of economic theory, which obviously disrupts long-established interpretations and upends our existing worldview and priorities. As a result, the 'opposing argument' which builds the first technical challenge to civilisation's existence has serious implications for science, technology, business and global politics moving forward.


By understanding the fundamental concepts which drive the synthesis of human complexity, we gain a more comprehensive and accurate picture of our current situation and the challenges we face, which provides us with a better approach guided by conceptual science instead of outdated sociologies. As a Consultant Anthropologist for Social and Economic Sciences, my expertise in human complexity is used for advisory and research to guide policy, governance, management and organisational culture.


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