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"My ethos is that we have to start seeing the world for what it is,

instead of what we want it to be. Since day one, our idealistic worldview of human civilisation has diverted our observation away from fundamental problems with its existence in the first place. My job has been to undo the favourable narrative which has long supported our ambitions and instead reveal human life in a painfully objective way that is more scientifically appropriate. A way which enlightens us further, irrespective of our economic, political, and social dependencies created in the last ~12,000 years. I call this the study of 'econology' which falls between the broader fields of biology and anthropology."

I am the man behind the controversial 'anti-civilisation' argument (or contra economia) which explains specifically why civilisation is fundamentally incompatible with the laws of nature and maladapted to life on Earth. My work in anthropology takes a strictly biological view of the artificial economic worlds which humans have created as alternative ecologies to the natural world.

Through new theory in my book The Dynamics of Humankind, I demonstrate that human civilisation is actually inconsistent with Darwinian evolution, and that our economic systems and social domestication function in direct violation of biological imperatives. I conclude with a finding that proposes 'three fundamental problems of economy' which trap humankind into a tailspin trajectory that inevitably leads to a novel self-extinction event.


In light of these stark revelations, our existing interpretation of reality and progressive economic worldview are fatally flawed; entailing a complete rethink of our existing philosophies. As a solution to this problem, I have begun laying the foundations to a new scientific field of anthropology called ‘econology’, which bridges the disconnected gap between ecology and economy.


My findings undermine the very basis of economic theory, which obviously disrupts long-established conventions and upends our existing worldview and priorities. As a result, this has serious implications for science, technology, business and global politics moving forward. 


By understanding the fundamental concepts which drive our synthesis of civilisational complexity we can see exactly how it functions as a whole, which offers a more comprehensive assessment of the problems and challenges we face, thereby reorienting our approach to how we live and what the future will hold. 


I have a varied career as a result of my work in this space, mostly encompassing a general consultancy for institutions and businesses, to policy and national security advice for governments, alongside research and education throughout academia.


Complete the contact form for any business, academic or media enquiries.


I aim to respond within 7 days and try to consider all requests, but sometimes this is not always possible.


Thank you. 


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