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"I deal with complicated problems involving humans, the economy and the environment. Wherever humans are involved, it requires an anthropologist..."

Middleton Global Research is an anthropology-based consultancy service that provides professional support and specialist guidance to institutions, individuals, businesses and governments throughout the world; on all matters which concern complex human behaviour and economic environments.


I offer a similar consultancy type to the ‘Big Five’ corporates such as McKinsey & Co, Accenture, EY, Deloitte and PwC, but where we differ is that my methodology takes a scientific approach predicated on the fundamental biological principles of human behaviour, whereas the incumbent industry leaders rely heavily on ‘buzzword frameworks’ and artificial hype to effect temporary change which is usually short-lived and impermanent.


My view is that a consulting methodology rooted in sound anthropological principles and social science can offer unique perspectives on organisational culture, productivity and human interactions within a business or institutional setting that conventional consultancy just cannot fulfil, thereby leading to better long-term results.


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