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Many areas of industry require anthropological science to manage the interface between humans and the economy, which involves looking at products and services, processes and procedures, policies and systems which underpin daily activity and may benefit from specific guidance to ensure optimal compatibility and uptake.

My consultancy aids decision-makers by translating complex problems into simple concepts which can be applied in management and governance throughout the public and private sectors. Clients range from individuals and businesses to organisations and governments; which is essentially anyone looking to maximize results with the use of a specialist.

Listed below are some of the main areas of consultancy which I take on as freelance or fixed-term contracts.

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The formulation of tactical strategies in areas requiring a precise and considered approach with a successful implementation and execution. This method is commonplace for increasing productivity, reforming workplace culture, or the developmental iteration of brands and products. Strategic planning is necessary for achieving any outcome which differs from ordinary results.

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A prospective consultancy centred around planning for worst-case scenarios where economic prospects are bleak. This tends to be a due diligence exercise to help mitigate risk in areas of business or management which may already have sensitive dependencies or over-exposure to changing conditions.

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1-to-1 services are available for persons of all ages looking to advance their knowledge or progress a practical skill in either an academic, business, personal or sporting area. Each year I take on a handful of clients who aspire to be intellectuals, industry leaders and successful athletes.

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